Fat as Hell…

and not going to take it anymore!

Plan of Attack: April

Goodbye, March.
Hello, April.

Let’s start things off on the right foot, shall we?

1. To restart (and keep up with) my stats calendar.
2. To make (and keep) weekly exercise goals.
3. To make (and keep) weekly caloric goals.
3a. To keep track of and record (if not publically) my calorie intake each day.
(I think I may start using thedailyplate.com — I’ll keep you posted).
4. To keep track of and record my blood pressure (if not daily) than at least 4 times a week until my Doc’s appt at the end of the month.

(April) Week 1 Exercise Goals:
Monday: 30 minutes cardio
Tuesday: 30 minutes strength training
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 30 minutes cardio + 30 minutes strength training
Friday: rest
Saturday: 30 minutes cardio + 30 minutes strength training
Saturday: 30 minutes of either (depending on my mood)

Note: These are all minimums and, I think, based on my previous exercising regiment, entirely doable. In fact, I think I am capable of more, but I want to see how this first week goes before raising the stakes.

Gosh… just setting these goals feels so productive.

The truth is, I think I am constantly setting and renegotiating goals in my mind. Each morning (especially in the shower) I make deals with myself about what I will and won’t do that day. Many times the goals I sent in the morning while trying to ready myself for the day are unrealistic… and because they only exist in my mind, it’s easy to toss them aside when the going gets rough. This is different. Not only does writing them down make them feel more official, but you know, it’s that whole accountability thing. Knowing that all of you *know* about them and that you will (ever so gently) hold my feet to the fire if I don’t follow through, makes it more difficult for me to just throw in the towel.

Knowing that I have a doctor’s appointment at the end of the month helps too. For some reason, I am always so motivated to take off as much weight as possible in the weeks before going to the doctor. I can remember when I first started seeing this doctor and how I could tell, even though he was encouraging, that he didn’t really believe me when I said that I was going to lose weight. And, after all, who could blame him? I mean, I’m sure he’s seen hundreds of patients who need to take off the pounds and who claim they are going to, but who just aren’t able to make it happen. I’ve been there. And, believe me, I failed dozens and dozens of times before I ever experienced any kind of success. What’s more, I’m sure that my vow, albeit good intentioned, probably seemed like a long shot… after all, all told, I probably had a good 180lbs to lose — and that’s no small feat.

Little did he know how stubborn I am. What he didn’t realize (or maybe he did) is that I would find his well founded skepticism regarding my ability to shed over half my bodyweight to be something of a challenge. As ridiculous as it sounds, when it comes to my doctor, I’ve got a definite case of the “hmmpft! I’ll show him!’s” I realize, of course, that this isn’t the healthiest motivation, but at this point, I’ll take whatever motivation I can get.

Anyway… tonight I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday — because it *is* my birthday!

And then I’m gonna grab April by the balls.
This is going to be my best month yet.

Happy Monday, everyone!

PS: I’m counting this post as my HYC update for this week! :)


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What Me Worry?

I forgot to post yesterday’s weigh in:

260.8lbs – 261.6lbs = +.8lbs

Ok. So that means I’ve gained 1.6lbs over the last two weeks. I know I should be disappointed in myself, or something, but honestly, I just want to shrug and say big deal. Considering the weeks I had, *only* being up a pound and half (or so) seems like a miracle. Besides, this week is already going well. So far… I’ve stuck to my caloric guns and I had a really good work out today. I can totally feel it in my calves and in my tummy and I actually smiled earlier as I felt the sweat start to pour off me.

Oh, don’t get me wrong… I still hate exercising, but it feels good to be back in the saddle.

Plus, I did a little “jogging” today. Of course, I have to use that term loosely, because what I did probably wouldn’t be called jogging by actual joggers, but it was definitely beyond the scope of walking and it nearly killed me, so I figure I’ve earned the right to use the word “jog” at this point. Anyway, it was literally, the first time I’ve run since I was forced to during PE class way back in high school, and I have to say, it felt pretty good… better than I would have thought. I didn’t actually set out to jog, but I was doing some walking and, frankly, it just wasn’t enough. My heart rate was up, but not enough to make that much of a difference, so I thought, well.. I’ll just pick up the pace a bit.

Now… I think I may have mentioned before that the loop around my house is exactly .2 of a mile, so I know if I go around 5 times, I’ve made a mile. Anyway, I have to say that I never thought I’d make it around even once, but I actually “jogged” around the loop twice! Woo hoo! .4 of a mile! I had to walk the remainder of my journey, but I felt like a total rock star even going that far.

Anyway… it’s been a good day. And, I’ve made a decision. Starting this week, I’m moving my weigh ins to Saturdays. I’m going to stick with my “weigh as often, or as little, as you want to, but record your weight once per week” plan… but I’m making the big day Saturday from here on out, (or at least until I change it again), because I feel like knowing at the beginning of the weekend how I did the week before, will allot me more time to prepare a meal/exercise regiment for the week to come. Right now, having Monday as D-Day isn’t working as well for me as I would like because by the time I’ve weighed, I’m already in work mode, and it’s tough for me to change that week’s plans when the week has already swung into action. *shrugs* We’ll just see how it goes, I suppose.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading some thought provoking, inspiring and truly heart wrenching posts lately from some of the bloggers that I glean the most encouragement from… and I’m reminded of a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that was, admittedly, said about something very different, but that I think applies here: “We may have come here in different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.” Each one of us is taking this journey for different reasons and we’ll all get there by different means, but in the end, I think there’s more than just an extra large waist band that links us. Forgive me if I sound a bit arrogant, but I think, quite frankly, that we’re a pretty incredible group of people: brave, strong and very much worth taking care of.

So… here’s to taking good care of ourselves.
We damned well deserve it. :)

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