Fat as Hell…

and not going to take it anymore!

Why I’m Doing This (A Little Reminder…)

First off, thanks to everyone who, either here or via email, sent me encouraging words or information re: PCOS. I’ve had very little time online this week, but that limited amount has been spent clicking links. Again, thank you. It makes me wonder what people did prior to the internet. Now, don’t get me wrong, *I* spent much of my life doing plenty of things *before* the internet, but it’s amazing how much more empowered I feel regarding my own health when I can go to the doctor armed with information. Even my doctor admitted that having better informed patients makes her job much, much easier. It makes me feel lucky that I live during this time in history. I’m sure I’d be much more frightened were I merely fumbling through all of this in the dark.

Anyway, the good news (or bad news, depending on how you look at it) is that the results of my recent ultrasound revealed no ovarian cysts or, as my doctor had feared, a thickened uterine wall. Obviously, this is good. A lack of these problems is better for my overall health than the alternative of having them. However, it also means that PCOS might not be what ails me after all. Oddly, it turns out that one doesn’t necessarily have to have ovarian cysts in order to have poly cystic ovary syndrome. Go figure. So… that means pcos has not been ruled out altogether at this point and more tests are needed in order to find out what’s wrong. That said, the day after I learned that the results of my ultrasound were “unremarkable,” I went back to the doctor and had bunches of blood drawn. Currently, I’m just waiting for the results of this lab work, in the hopes that it will shed some light onto what’s happening with my body.

In the meantime… I’ve been working A LOT. And, sadly, I feel like I’ve been eating a lot too. It’s really strange because I’m not working more than 40 hours per week, but the lack of a regular (fixed) work schedule has thrown my eating patterns for a loop. Similarly, even though recent diet news has only confirmed what I already know to be true about keeping a food diary, I’ve literally found it impossible to keep up with my own efforts in this regard.

I’m reminded of what things were like for me *before* I made the commitment to myself to change my life. In those days, as I’ve mentioned here before, I worked two full-time jobs, (I did that for nearly 10 years), bought and remodeled several homes and was (for part of the time anyway) in grad school. Even back then, I wanted to lose weight, but it wasn’t a priority. I made my jobs/making money/and my education the priority and as a result my health suffered. Even now, one year and 70+ lbs later, I’m still paying the price. These days, I’m not working nearly as much as I used to and I’m not juggling the demands of multiple jobs + school, etc … and yet I can feel myself falling back into some of those old patterns: eating late at night, including caffeine in my daily diet and making food choices based on convenience rather than health. I want to blame this on simply being tired, but in the end, I know it’s all about choices. And I’m not talking about simply good choices vs. bad choices, I’m talking about choosing food over all the reasons why I’m doing this in the first place.

And maybe that’s part of the problem. It’s not that I’ve forgotten why I need to lose weight, but perhaps I need a little reminding of why I WANT to. Back in January, in response to this same question, I listed the following as reasons why I wanted to lose weight:

  • I want to reduce or eliminate the need for blood pressure/cholesterol medicines in my life.
  • As I near 40, I want having (or not having) children to be my choice rather than one made by my weight.
  • I want to be in control of my decisions and actions, including what I put in my mouth.
  • I want to qualify for reasonably priced life insurance
  • I want to feel better about myself.
  • I want to have more energy and to do more outdoor activities like hiking, biking, jogging etc.
  • I want to learn to play tennis.
  • I want to be able to shop in stores that don’t solely cater to giant people.
  • If people are going to judge me, I’d like it to be for some reason other than the fact that I am fat.
  • I want to travel and explore new areas on foot or by bike.
  • I want to live like a normal person where food isn’t my enemy.
  • I want to make my husband proud.
  • I want to be cute for a fat girl.
  • This is my Everest. I want, no I need, to be able to say that I conquered it.

I still want all of those things. And now I also have to add to the list…

  • I want to, if possible, reverse (or at least lessen) the symptoms of PCOS (or whatever else is wrong with me). But just wanting all of this is not enough… which brings me back to choices.
  • I want to go home (Seattle) to visit my family *and* go on a vacation with my husband. (I haven’t flown in many years because a) the seats have, for a long time, been too small for me and b) I’ve not been able to fit a standard airplane seatbelt).
  • I want to be around to grow old and gray with my husband. Who will take care of him if I’m no longer around to do it?
  • I want to know what it feels like to feel sexy. I’ve never looked in the mirror and thought I was hot… I’d love to know what that feels like.

Each time I choose to overeat… each time I choose not to count and record my calories… each time I choose not to exercise… I’m doing more than just making the proverbial “bad choice.” Rather, I am also choosing food over the things I’ve listed above. I’m choosing a cookie over the ability to live without blood pressure/cholesterol medication. I’m choosing a fried egg sandwich over making my husband proud. I’m choosing Starbucks over feeling good about myself. And you know, when I put that way, there’s absolutely nothing I can say to justify it.

As most of you know, I’m not very good at games of internet tag, so I won’t name anyone specific, but tonight I’m challenging each of you to do the following: Even if you don’t do it publicly (as in on your blog or here in the comments), WRITE DOWN all the reasons why you want to lose weight. Don’t just think about them… write them down. Even if they seem silly; Even if they are embarrassing or painfully obvious; Even if you’ve never, ever shared them with another living soul. Write them down. I’m telling you, there’s something about the creation of that list that’s very powerful. The strength of all those wishes and desires, when stacked together like that, is absolutely remarkable.

And then, (and of course this is the hard bit), in the days to come, when you’re faced with a choice and you find yourself reaching for something you shouldn’t eat, try to remember that you’re not just choosing chocolate over celery, you’re choosing chocolate over all the things on your list… and let me tell you, chocolate’s good, but it’s not *that* good.

Someone once said that “destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice.” This week, I’m going to try very hard to look at my list as my destiny and then to do everything in my power to choose it. I hope you will too.

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  1. What a great attitude you have!

    Great post.

    Comment by Christine | July 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. What a great post! I think it’s important to keep reminding ourselves why we are on this journey.

    Comment by AndrewE | July 12, 2008 | Reply

  3. I want to lose weight so that I can get rid of the man-boobs and look better in t-shirts!

    Comment by aishchai | July 12, 2008 | Reply

  4. I will be accepting the challenge to write down my reasons for losing weight as soon as time allows!

    Yeah to you for looking objectively at everything and creating your plan. I’ve always said that keeping my eyes on the main goal is the main thing behind any success that I’ve had! Good for you!

    Comment by maryfran | July 12, 2008 | Reply

  5. Awesome post!

    Comment by Elisa | July 12, 2008 | Reply

  6. Don’t beat yourself up about the wrong choices if the right ones aren’t available to make. I look forward to getting my head round your challenge tonight, it’ll be a really useful exercise.

    Btw, I hope you’ll be booking that vacation sooner rather than later, you deserve it!!

    Comment by Jenny | July 12, 2008 | Reply

  7. What a great post. I’m going to write down my list right now.

    Comment by pantrypuff | July 12, 2008 | Reply

  8. Nice post. And you are so right, we do have the power to choose and now is the time.

    Comment by Big Girl | July 14, 2008 | Reply

  9. Hmm, keep us posted. My doctor told me I need to be checked for that. I haven’t done enough link clicking, actually to get more information. Maybe later today if time permits.

    You have a good attitude…stay positive!

    Comment by Bonnie | July 15, 2008 | Reply

  10. Powerful post. I’m a fan of journaling: goals, food intake, emotions. Putting it in writing increases my self-awarness and my accountability.

    Comment by maggieapril | July 15, 2008 | Reply

  11. This is a really good idea and I’m going to put my reasons on my blog. So often people think it’s all about vanity. Health has always been my #1 reason for losing weight. There are more, but that’s my primary reason.

    Comment by Supple Mama | July 20, 2008 | Reply

  12. Just popping in! My computer bit the dust with all my feeds on it, so I haven’t been blogging regularly (we’re also putting our house on the market, with all the work that goes into that), but saw this article in our local paper and wanted to share it with you. Unfortunately, my scanner isn’t working now, so I can’t send you the pix, but you can read the article here: http://www.djournal.com/pages/story.asp?ID=276564&pub=1&div=Lifestyles

    The “after” picture of this lady looks **so** awesome! And I know you can be just like her.

    I’ve not been doing so great myself — not exercising regularly, eating too much. My own fault — no one’s fault but my own. Keep up the good work! Today is the first day of the rest of my life. As soon as I clean my kitchen, I’m going to do an exercise video.

    Comment by Kathy | August 4, 2008 | Reply

  13. That was a fantastic post. I went through the same thing about possible polycystic ovaries and ended up taking Northisterone/ Provera for 4 years to help regulate my periods. After 4 years of struggle, and complaining that these tablets are making me feel worse and like a zombie, I finally threw them out in Jan 08. I had put on an astronomical amount of weight and am struggling to shake it off.

    When I say, I know exactly where you are coming from and what you are going through, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. It is almost as if you are describing me a few months ago. I found out that the hormone imbalance triggered my present state of Metabolic Syndrome which prevented me from losing weight and getting on with my life. I am determined not to let these diseases take the better off me, and I would like to be there to celebrate my son’s 18th birthday.

    Thankyou for your inspiration and this list you mention, works wonderfully. Thanks

    Comment by Ginni | August 31, 2008 | Reply

  14. The guilt you place on yourself by overeating itself will make you gain weight. Remember you have a metabolism and you need to fuel it. Not eating can be even worse for losing weight. It’s lose weight get healthy not get healthy lose weight.

    Comment by Gordon | July 24, 2011 | Reply

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    Pingback by SmackDown milestone moments (cont.) | nubarokotima | October 16, 2011 | Reply

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